the myachi movement:

Founded in 1998 by Steven Ochs, the Myachi Movement has since spread all over the world.  What started as a simple game of toss and catch (ON THE BACK OF THE HANDS!) has evolved into a full-fledged sport with literally thousands of tricks to master and dozens of games to play.  

From the initial tours in the Myachi Mobile to the MyachiGon at FAO Schwarz in NYC and countless Myachi Challenge PhysEd School Programs, the Myachi Original Hand Sack and the Myachi Masters have positively impacted lives coast to coast.  And that is what we are most proud of.  

The team of high flying Myachi Masters have sold more than 2 million Myachis that have spanned the globe, but it is the countless Myachi Smiles we appreciate the most.  Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned Myachi Maniac, we thank you!

Steven Ochs

AKA Myachi Man

Jason Loeffler

AKA Kid Myach


Click this link or the pic to see our awesome Myachi Video!!