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Myachi Man

Myachi Man

Real Name: Steven Bradley Ochs
Birthday: January 16
Hometown: Larchmont, NY
Current Home: Nashville, TN + NY, NY + Airplanes!
Education: Mamaroneck High School, Vanderbilt University
Invented Myachi in: 1993-1994
Became The Myachi Man: 1998
Signature Trick: Closing Deals!

Favorite Trick: Closing Big Deals!
Favorite Sack: Can you have a favorite child?
First Myachi: The Guatamalan Wallet wsa the first prototype I stiched by hand in 1993-1994. The Classic Leopard Sacks were the first Paper Tag sacks I sticked on a sewing machine. I personally hand stitched all Paper Tag sacks.
Strengths: Never quit attitude
Weaknesses: The Matrix
Favorite Quote: "Good things come to those who work hard" and "God Bless America"
Greatest Myachi Moments: The good 'ol days in Mulva meeting countless cool people at festivals and other events from coast to coast! Meeting Little Mikey Landers! The Martha Stewart interview, CNBC Powerlunch segment, Today Show Appearance with Carolyn Gusoff, The New York Times article..the list goes on and on, but those are some highlights!

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Kid Myach

Kid Myach

Real Name: Jason Loeffler
Birthday: April 1
Hometown: Grosse Ile, MI
Current Home: House Of Skillz
Started Playing Myachi in: 1999
Became a Myachi Master in: 2000
Signature Trick: Wavey Gravey
Favorite Trick: Matrix
Favorite Sack: Red Swirl

First Myachi: Red Swirl
Strengths:Lookin' Good
Weaknesses: Krypto-Nite
Favorite Quote:"It's all about lookin' good and havin' fun!"
How I Became a Myachi Master: I met the Myachi Man through a friend when I lived in Nashville, TN full time. Over the years that I knew the friend, she kept telling me that I reminded her of another friend she had up in New York City. "You two are so much a like and will totally get along...I've got to introduce the two of you one day,"she said. Well, as one day would have it, we were introduced. When I met him the first time, in true Myachi Man fashion, he said you're in and tossed me a Red Swirl! Since I had played a similar game in college I knew what to do. I was totally blown away outta the gate! He had made a game my buddies and I used to play in college much, much easier. At the time I worked for an internet start-up company that sold websites. I originally joined the Myachi Movement as part of a new website team. But as with many internet startups in the late 90's the internet company went out of business. Luckily, I had some game and could talk the talk and walk the walk, Myachi Man asked me to join the Myachi Movement and brought me in as a partner. Shortly there after while rocking out the Xgames in San Francisco, I was given my Myachi nickname. It was funny because a kid at the games dubbed me Kid Myach...and it stuck.


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Real Name: Cody Hatch
Birthday: July 27, 1986
Hometown: Logan, Utah
Current Home: House of Skills, NY
Started Playing Myachi in: 2008
Became a Myachi Master in: 2008
Signature Trick: Kryptonite
Favorite Tricks: Faceplant and Daredevil
Favorite Sack: Starting Line or anything green and awesome!

First Myachi: Slayter
Strengths: Foot tricks (maybe)
Weaknesses: broken foot
Favorite Quote: No excuses, play like a champion!
How I Became a Myachi Master: I was doing hacky sack demos at a convention in Utah when I found the game. Kid Myachi taught me and showed me how it was a game for your hands, feet and everything! I took one home that night and starting playing immediately! I was totally addicted! I kept in touch with Kid, planning to meet the Myachi Man at the next show in Las Vegas - I was in! I then decided that Myachi was the right choice for me so I went home, packed my bags and flew to NY to start up the House of Skills...all to take over the world!


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Real Name: Luke Rodgers
Birthday: November 20
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Home at the Moment: House of Skillz, Queens, NY
Started Playing Myachi in: Summer Aught-Three
Became a Myachi Master in: Following year.
Signature Trick: Multi-Matrix
Favorite Trick: Matrix Reloaded
Favorite Sack: Dawg Diggity / Red Dawg

First Myachi: Sour Apple Suede, Keychain Loop
Strengths: Multi sack tricks, lower body stalls
Weaknesses: Strikes, anything switch
Favorite Quote: "Under love, do what thou Will shall be the whole of the law."
How I Became a Myachi Master:check this out!
The above link is my introduction to the game, as told when I was still in college, and the jred forum had been in existence for less than a month. A lot has changed in Myachi, but that never will. It's been a long road to get here, and we've still got a long way to go. Let's play!


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Crazy ivan

Crazy Ivan

Real Name: Aaron Davies
Birthday: March 5, 1976
Hometown: Belleville, MI
Current Home: New York, New York
Started Playing Myachi in: 2004
Became a Myachi Master in: 2004
Signature Trick: Crazy Ivan (obviously)
Favorite Trick: Whatever I learned most recently
Favorite Sack: Calvin

First Myachi: Got 3 so I could juggle with them. Sour Apple Green, Cherry Red and Black Bear Shag.
Strengths: Flexibility, Multi Sack Tricks
Weaknesses:Strikes, Switch Tricks, High Body Stalls
Favorite Quote:"As though you could kill time without injuring eternity." Henry David Thoreau
How I Became a Myachi Master: So I'm at Bonnaroo 3 waiting for Dave Matthews and Friends to start. I'm chilling with several friends, hacking, playing with devil sticks, juggling'; playing in general. This dude walks up tossing around some weird skill toy that I'd never seen. "I must have this thing!" I say to myself before he's even arrived. He introduces himself as Myachi Man and goes into his sales pitch, but I preempt him."I already want three. How much?" I ask. I get three, my boy Mojo gets 1 and my buddy Tim gets 1 (a Blue Dragon that he still has). Next I start pestering Myachi Man for tricks. I am going nuts with this little thing and loving it. Every time I learn one trick I think of a bazillion variations on it, though I can't do any of them yet. It seemed the more you learned, the less you knew. Anyway, suffice to say, by the end of the concert, Myachi Man had already offered me a job. Since that day I have not worked at all, but I've often played better than 60 hours a week. Gotta love America.


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Nickname: Monk . . . AKA . . . Chunk the Monk, Thelonious, Chunk Thelonious Monk, Q, J, X, El Gato, La Tortuga, 006, Burtch, Lurch, Butch Burtch, Fat Burtch, Burtch Beer, Burtch Tree, Burtch Dowel, Church of Burtch, Burtch Wins, Kirby Wins, Pikachu Wins, The Scrabbler, The Heckler, The Blaspheming Agnostic, Baron Francois Toulour, The Night Fox, Moretti, Matsui, Simon, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim, And Taft, Art Vandelay, Ryan,

Ryan K, Ryan B, RKB, RB, Ribee, R.B.I., Ryuns Batted In, RiSP, Ryunners in Scoring Position, RB's Beef n' Cheddar, R-Train, R-Money, R-Ghrippe, R-Tender, Ryan of Elrond, Ryan Hood of Locksley, The Ryan King, Grilled Cheese on Ryan, Catcher in the Ryan, Good Old Boys Drinking Whiskey and Ryan, Rye Masterson, Magic Carpet Rye, Ryeser Soze
Real Name: Ryan Burtch
Birthdate: 08/27/81
Hometown: Orangeburg, NY
Home at the Moment: Forest Hills, NY
Started Playing Myachi in: 2005
Became a Myachi Master in: 2007
Signature Trick: Flying Fish
Favorite Trick: Skywalker
Favorite Sacks: Black Belt, EcoKids Yellow/Red, CEB, TJP13, wideboards in general
First Myachi: Electric Orange Shag
Strengths: Weird strategy, Weak Side, Defense, Power of well-roundedness like Mario
Weaknesses: Flexibility Tricks, Dogs, Bacon, Women with foreign accents - (although I enjoy flexibility tricks involving women with foreign accents and bacon, just not dogs during that particular situation)
Favorite Quotes: "Robin Hood was right." - My Dad, "Be desireless. Be excellent. Be gone." - The Tao of Steve, "The game never stops." - R. Kenneth Burtch, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." - Yogi Berra, "Sit down, and shut up." - simple instructions for meditation How I Became a Myachi Master: My skills career began with flair bartending, the art of audience entertainment through object manipulation while serving drinks. A friend saw me doing juggle and stall tricks with common bar items, like lemon wedges, bottles, and metal shaker cups. He had learned to play Myachi at a festival in 2001, and thought I would appreciate the game, so he gave me his Electric Orange Shag (EOS). I was quickly hooked, and that sack became my lucky charm and travel companion on some world journeys. Years later, I noticed the website on the tag while I was using the EOS as calming hand candy during lucrative, but nerve-racking, poker sessions. Inspired by the story of Myachi's history, I hoped to become part of the movement myself, so I emailed and asked for a chance to earn a spot on the roster. Soon after, I was meeting the entire crew including Myachi Man, Kid Myach, and Crazy Ivan during the DVD film shoot, at the Big Daddy Mansion in Long Island. My first official shift as a member of the team was later that month, in October of 2007 . . . And somewhere in there, I was decisively triumphant in the first game of ping-pong I ever played against the revered Myachi Man. And the rest is history, until now, which is the present.


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Real Name: Le'ah Davies
Birthday: September 28
Hometown: Waycross Ga.
Home at the Moment: House Of Skillz in Forest Hills
Started Playing Myachi in: 2004
Became a Myachi Master in: 2005
Signature Trick: Mojo Rising
Favorite Trick: Wolverine/ Under the leg
Favorite Sack: Fire Flower
First Myachi: Sour Apple Green and Eggplant
Strengths: Flow… Upper body manipulation
Weaknesses: Foot tricks
Favorite Quote: "Remember there is nothing you can't do, just stuff you can't do yet!"
How I Became a Myachi Master: Crazy Ivan and I met Myachi Man at a Dave Matthews concert in 2004. He saw us juggling and playing hacky sack and just knew we would love the game and he was right! Turns out he needed help at Dollywood that year and we lived just a couple miles away from there at the time, We started jamming from the time we met Myachi Man and Crazy Ivan went on to become a full time Myachi Master just a couple of weeks after we met him. I had another job, but joined up the next year as a Myachi Master working in St. Louis Mall, then to Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, Cocoa Beach and Universal Studios Orlando. Went from Demo work and playing all day to become the Office Manager and "Holder of all Sacred Rares" in 2007 when I moved to NY.

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