The Myachi Movement

Our mission at Myachi has been to accomplish more than simply teach kids how to use the back of their hand to catch a hand sack.  We have also seen that thru our passion and dedication to building the Myachi Movement over the last decade, we have also been able to set an example that in some ways has helped to educate, stimulate, and motivate kids to take concrete steps each and every day to either pursue their own passion in life, or at the very least to start looking for it right now.  

Having big dreams is great.  But living the dream is a whole lot better.  And, the only way to ever live the dream is by getting off the couch and into the game; the game of life.  

There’s no such thing as an overnight success.  And, no one will become the next Bill Gates by playing video games all day.  Achieving anything in life takes hard work, commitment, and passion.  

By creating The Myachi Challenge, we hope we can in some way inspire the next generation to not just dream big, but give back by being an active member in your local community where you actually can make a difference.  Everyone with a good heart wants to help save the world, but we can make an actual impact on a local level.  So if we all actually got off the couch and got into the game of life eventually maybe we can all truly make this world a better place!!!!