The Myachi Movement



The Myachi Movement

The Myachi Movement began in 1999 when a disillusioned stock-broker by the name of Steven Ochs quit his job, sold everything he owned, bought a mobile home and a sewing machine and hit the road to become the Myachi Man. After years of effort and hundreds of thousands of miles of travel, Ochs and his ever expanding team of Myachi Masters took the simple concept of the handsack and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon!

But the heroes of the Myachi Movement are not Myachi Man, Kid Myach, Crazy Ivan or any of the other Myachi Masters. The real heroes are the Myachi Maniax, the jammers that spread the game organically all over the country and now the world!

This website is dedicated to those Myachi Maniax and is intended as a community where we can all come together and improve our skills, teach each other, compete in a safe and friendly environment and help spread the word of the Myachi Movement.

As a company, Myachi is dedicated to instilling the virtues that lie at its core into the next generation of Myachi Maniax: Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Patience and Passion. By focusing on these virtues in a way that is fun, healthy and active, we hope that the values and lessons of Myachi can help build stronger communities and individuals…and one’s with sick reflexes and hand-eye coordination at that!

Spread The Word And Keep On Jamming (STWAKOJ)!

The Myachi Masters

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